This is Athens


Downtown Athenian neighbourhoods include: Plaka, Psirri/Monastiraki, Gazi, Historic Centre, Acropolis.

Each of them has a different vibe: for browsing around visit Monastiraki, for dining Psirri, for shopping definitely Ermou str., for sightseeing  go to Acropolis.

The area around MONK Hybrid Building is the neighbourhood of Monastiraki, where you may find lots of second-hand bargains by day & have a blast going bar-hoping by night. 

Live music and performances in every corner. The city vibe is buzzing, loud and fun!

A Walk Around Athens

Athens is know for its ancient sights as the Acropolis & The Parthenon itself. A living history museum displaying marble wonders as the Herodeon, The Monument of Lysicrates, the temple of Hephaestus, the Panathenaic Stadium and the Arch of Hadrian. But it’s much more than that. 

A vibrant city, full of sounds, colours and flavours! Visit as many neighbourhoods as possible. 

In Exarcheia, you will find  the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Other than that, this neighbourhood is full of students, cheap cafes & tavernas, be sure to visit at least one “kafeneio”.

If you’d like to see the posh side of the city then Kolonaki is the place to visit. Expensive boutiques, chic bars and extravagant restaurants.

Don’t forget to climb the narrow streets of Anafiotika, the city’s district that’s built by the workers of the island of Anafi. Follow the island breeze in the center of Athens, and reach the Areopagus Hill: The best view of the Acropolis. 

Gazi and the area of Metaxourgio used to be industrial districts and now they’re transforming into a whole new area with new clubs & bars springing everywhere, giving new life to old warehouses. Gazi neighbours with the ancient cemetery of Keramikos 

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Getting to MONK Hybrid Building

MONK Hybrid Building is located in the heart of Athens,  in Monastiraki neighbourhood just a small stroll from Ermou street.

Athens International Airport is located 33 km away. It is easily accessible via the Athens ring road (Attiki Odos). The drive from MONK Monastiraki Suites and the town centre takes  about 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

24-hour express bus X95 runs directly to Syntagma from there it’s 700m to reach MONK Hybrid Building (one-way ticket €6). Metro Line 3 daily from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm connects the airport to Monastiraki Station (one-way ticket €10).

Piraeus is the port of Athens, connecting mainland to the Greek islands. You can use the Electric Railway from/to Monastiraki taking the green line (line 1). Taxis also line the port, you’ll be queueing and use one when it’s your turn.

Monastiraki station is the nearest station. It can be reached from Monastiraki Square, Ifestou Str., Athinas Str. and Themidos Str.
In addition, the station connects with
-Athens Piraeus Electric Railways (Line 1) 
-Metro Line 3
-Bus Stations